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We took on our main farm in October 2017 and since then have increased our acreage through FBT's allowing us to farm more sustainably. We grow a range of cereal crops including Winter Wheat and Winter Barley along with pulses including beans. We also enjoy growing maize for local farmers as livestock feed and maize to be fed into a local bio digester to generate energy.  

We work closely with our agronomist to achieve good yields and to ensure we are keeping the plant at its most healthy state. We also regularly soil test and add nutrients back to the soil with the use of fertiliser and where we can an organic fertiliser such as compost which we source from a local plant just 500 yards from one of our fields. Our straw is also sold for livestock use, including our own as well as for energy production. 



We love our livestock, especially our cattle. Two Simmential calves, Rosie and Gretta started us off and we've increased our numbers each year. In more recent years we have focussed on British Blue X. We are interested in finding a contact to buy directly

from each year.

We are always interested in suitable grazing land for cattle so please reach out to have a chat. 

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