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Haywood Farms Ltd is a product of ambition and determination to leave a legacy for our two sons Harrison and Archer. We are very much a small family business, with us, Scott and Sarah Haywood navigating our way through our plan for our time here. 

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We are Farmers and Contractors from Cambridgeshire, who endeavour to raise our two boys alongside dirt and hard graft. We started our contracting business ten years ago when we purchased a 16T vertical beater muck spreader to hire out to local farmers. We built up our customer base whilst Scott managed a local livestock enterprise and Sarah worked in the crop protection industry. We kept sheep and cattle each year building up our acreage of grazing. We really enjoy keeping cattle, over more recent years we have bought in as 3-4 week old calves and sold on as stores but in the past year we have kept a selected number to begin our own herd. We bought our first tractor in 2016 - a John Deere 7530,  to offer further contracting services. Since then we have continued to grow our contracting business and more recently adding a Class Jaguar 970 Forage Harvester to our fleet. In 2017 we obtained a county council holding, having this base and being able to farm in our own right has allowed us to focus on growing our business and farming with an efficient and environmentally considerate/friendly attitude. 

We are driven individuals who will look for opportunity and seek out the next challenge. We hope to increase our acreage that we farm as well as continuing to grow our contracting business. By increasing our farming acreage we feel we can really look at new innovative ways to farm to maximise yield, minimise damage to soil structure, as well as creating an environment habitable for the surrounding nature that farming needs to work in partnership with. 



We'd say we're more out of the box thinkers. We like to do things a bit differently to ensure we are building our business efficiently and effectively. We're particularly interested in bio gas and how we can contribute to renewable energy sources. We enjoy farm diversification and new challenges, we don't like to sit still and have a strong determination to create different opportunities for our boys. 

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